We've joined OakleyWeather.com and OakleyWebcam.com into one site.
We hope you find this to be an improvement.

Special thanks to Bill Leyden for shooting this drone video.
Here's a link to the full-size drone flyover video of our location and the weatherstation

About This Station...

The station is powered by a Davis Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station. The data is collected every 10 seconds and the site is updated every minute. This sites data is collected using Meteobridge Micro Computer running Linux 3.3.8 mips (BE), FW 1.1, MeteoBridge 2.4 software. Data from this station is uploaded to WeatherUnderground and the Citizens Weather Observer Program displayed as KUTKAMAS2 and FW5881. The station is comprised of an anemometer, rain gauge, solar sensor and thermo-hydro sensor situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible.

About Oakley, Utah...

Oakley was first explored as a location for a new settlement in about 1850. The Town was incorporated in 1933 and Robert V. Frazier was elected the first Mayor. We are located about 45 miles East of Salt Lake City in Eastern Summit County. The population is mostly white, mostly Mormon, with a few fellow heathens for color. We enjoy many benefits of being in a high mountain valley at 6500 feet in elevation with the beautiful Weber River flowing through town.
Recently, we are more and more known for out historic diner, The Road Island Diner. The name is a play on words regarding it's current location and the fact that it was once located in the state of Rhode Island. More information found on the web site or it's wikipedia page.

More information about Oakley can be found on the Town Web Site or the Wikipedia Page.

About This Website...

This site incorporates a template design by CarterLake.org with PHP conversion by Saratoga-Weather.org.
This template is XHTML 1.0 compliant. Validate the XHTML and CSS of this page.
The site currently has 3 megapixel IP cameras looking to the North West, South East and South West, giving the viewer a fair idea of the current conditions in Oakley, Utah. The SW and the NW cameras' images are captured by the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City for still and time lapse viewing.

About the Greener Side Of This Site...

Our hardware server is a Solar Powered Sun Microsystems N120 Blade Server running Solaris 10. The Sun N120 is designed to operate on 48 volt DC power which allows it to run powered directly by our Solar Power System without any conversion or inversion. The System is comprised of four 100 watt solar panels, four 12 volt storage batteries, an Outback 60 amp charge controller and a mishmash of breakers fuses and relays. It is configured to use the Sun's energy as much as possible with battery backup. When there just isn't enough sunlight to keep the batteries charged a backup 48 volt DC powersupply is automatically switched on to keep the server running.


Update 6/18/15; We've added to our Solar Power System... Seven more solar panels bringng our potential watt harvest to over 3.6kw, a 7200w inverter, new battery bank, and monitoring. Here's a link to our Solar Monitoring Page.
11/4/18; Added 6 more panels, a larger inverter and a second charge controller bringing our peak solar capacity to a modest 3.5 KW.
Update 7/8/15; Added an Outback Flexnet DC current monitor to the system, providing improved monitoring and battery management.
Update 9/12/18; Finally we are now connected via fiber optic cable to the home. Thank you Allwest Communications! Our connection speed is now in the range of 40 MB/sec, up and down. Previously, with adsl, we were operating at about 12 MB down and less than 1 MB up. This should be a big improvement for those viewing the site. :)